Here is a rare bootleg film of Dan Simonis and the Texas Millionaires:

Above is Tampa Red, the first artist we recorded doing "It Hurts me too".

Next we have the darling  Patsy Montana that we recorded and her upbeat tune "I wanna be a cowboy's sweetheart". However a fire destroyed her recording as well as Ernest Tubb's work in the studio.

Our days during WWII in the USO, it gave us many opportunities to record live events and artists to bring into the homes of those who could not attend. One unique act was Ada Leonard Bernstein who in 1941, she formed an all-woman band that performed for USO shows during World War II:

Brutus and The Bullies played at dances all around the south. The band recorded a demo at our studio. There are very few copies left still in existence. The band decided to pack it in during the winter of 1960.

Rex founded an all girl band called The Maids, that had wonderful 3 part harmony. He took them on the road and they proved very successful. Sadly they too disbanded due to the drummer getting pregnant in 1962.

Here is George Washington and the Cherry Bombs and they stayed from 1965 to 1969. They had the smash hit "Crisco Party" and stayed between 56 and 60 spot on the charts for 23 weeks.

Rex found in 1972 a band that were again ahead of their time. The group were called The Saints, and they had a thrashing sound that would later become punk.

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