Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Celebrating the Seventies

Probably no other time brought so much life and good times than when Rex Caliber was recording bands in the '7os. So many changes took place in that time period, you had the acoustic sound then disco came and went, to be followed with the strange new wave/punk and the hair bands. All of this was capitalized on by Rex but one group stands out in his mind; they called themselves "Top Secret" and had a funky hybrid of styles. They eluded being pigeon holed into one category, and almost sounded like a different band with each song they penned.

They were the first to have a rotating stage and to use lasers. The lead singer Oliver Redding held the record of having a four octave range beating out David Bowie. Though talented, Top Secret failed to bring in audiences on the road, and Rex lost big money on the record that used digital mixing that was expensive for its day. He took the loss and sent them on their way in 1978 leaving a decade of decadence.

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